Fashion and Jewellery Trends: What is new?

The boots today

Women wear especially enjoy boots. Men tended to wear boots rather than practical shoes for work in the dirt in the form of rubber boots. Fashion boots for women are available in different heights and materials. With the amount, the so-called stem form is meant. There is, for a boot / boots and ankle boots, half-boots, long boots and over knee boots. All these fashion boots can be made of rubber, leather, vinyl, wood, felt or fur.

They are also available in many different colours, but they are mostly in black, brown and grey.The advantage of boots is that they can be worn on any garment, whether skirt or trousers, but also clothes, you have to choose only appropriate for each fashion boots.

For the first time the boots appeared to 15000-13000 BC in Spain. At that, time served as the boots to keep warm and protect the feet and calves. Even today, boots are produced not only as fashion boots, but also for certain purposes, for example for some professions, sports and hobbies, where the boots are intended mainly to protect the foot.

They are soldiers, hikers, climbers and hunters as well as the ski boots or worn as a boxer in boxing boots and at the fire department. These are just a few examples where boots serve as protection.As you can see, the boots fashion is very versatile. The boots, of course, also aredesigned for different seasons. Now that winter is coming again and the feet must be kept warm, it sure takes you back to winter boots that are fitted with textile lining. In the fall of rain in wet weather, of course, especially the boots are preferred for large and small.

Jewellery Trends – Beautiful fancy jewellery

The fact is part of the repertoire of jewellery fashion trends. Well-presented and put together his own body, he adds value for self and for his opponent. The wearer feels well styled, self-confident and so conveys a confident manner. As with clothes, shoes and handbags there is also a current jewellery fashion. Beautiful fancy jewellery from all major manufacturers and designers make us happy. That goes for both sexes. Men and women like and want to wear fancy accessories, lingerie, and jewellery.